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6 Month Mentorship

2 Day Intensive + 6 Months Ongoing Accountability Program Perfect for those who Thirst for their Soul Purpose.
6 Month Mentorship

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Date and Time to determined
Location is your preference

About The Event

Starts with a 2 day intensive at your location anywhere in Australia, followed by ongoing coaching and mentoring over the next 6 months to follow your personal development.  This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in yourself.

Perfect for those who Thirst for their Soul Purpose.

Teaching you about your path, with the aim to discover through your own experience what your soul purpose means to your evolution.

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If you feel as though you have lost your way, you are a slave to everyone and everything, forgotten your purpose or simply feel disconnected, then this workshop is for you.

Most people today have been spiritually, physically and emotionally dehydrated by this world. Parched by the material, stressed out, overwhelmed and left dry. You don’t have to live like this, there is another way.


To discover your unique and beautiful soul purpose and to establish a purposeful vision for the rest of your life.

Program Outcomes

    Uncover why you have an unfulfilled longing within you.

    Discover what your feelings of frustrations and fear are telling you.

    Find out the lessons of life that are valuable for you to learn.

    Uncover the power of gratitude and how to use that to create abundance and happiness in your life.

    Learn how to still and ground yourself so that you can achieve your soul purpose easily and effortlessly.

    Learn how to reverse the negative impacts of materialism while still being prosperous.

    Understand how to manage fear and doubt and eliminate any fear of death.

    Learn how to remove limiting beliefs so you can manifest your soul purpose now.

    Understand how to connect with the creative source and receive messages and gifts for you to use to 

    create the perfect flow in your life.

    Understand the beauty of your soul and what that looks like in everyday life.

    Understand the power of forgiving yourself and how to remove guilt, judgement and condemnation from your life altogether.

    Uncover your sovereignty and what that means to your soul’s purpose.

    Leave the program awakened and present in your life with purpose and direction.

    This interactive workshop will connect you with a new loving self that you may not have met before. 

    You will walk through your key values, designing your happiness blueprint, allowing you to access deep self respect 

    and from that place you will create your life plan based on what already rests within you.

    Find out how to stop blocking yourself and live in the divine flow.

    You will be connected with your heart portal, your spiritual gateway through which you will express yourself in this 

    world and in this lifetime through sound, universal spiritual teaching.

    You will learn how to evolve and change quickly and easily to ensure you access your soul’s wisdom.

    You will walk away with your journey ahead mapped out as a full soul vision map of your future for maximum contentment,      

    fulfilment and joy.

    Learn how to remove stressors in your life to avoid overwhelm, stress, procrastination, fear, anxiety and other life 

   destroying activities.

    Learn how to use your thoughts and subsequent intentions for manifesting powerfully and more accurately.

    Learn how to receive with grace and give with generosity, eliminating resentment from your life.

All materials provided:

    Thirsty Workbook

    Thirsty Journal

    Accountability Sessions with Shane for 12 months

    Buddy System

    Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group

    Morning Tea | Afternoon Tea | Light Lunch | Water | Tea | Coffee

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