Birthed from the frustration of seeing entreprenuers lost in the maze of countless marketing options and trying to speak to everyone and actually reaching no one. Shane McLeay has a succesful business and marketing career and is also a spiritual teacher and mentor, his diverse and unique skill base brought about the inspiration for him to write Heart Marketing.


Shane saw a need to remind business owners, managers and entrepreneurs the art of speaking to the heart. The heart is that place where dreams are nurtured, hopes are birthed and priceless treasures are stored. Learning to speak to the heart and to engage on a heart level is intelligent, it is effective and it is the very essence of what binds and unites humanity at the very core. So why shouldn't these philosophies be used to help individuals build their hopes and dreams through marketing and then with their prosperity give back. Speak to the heart, capture the heart and see the fruits come forth.

Heart Marketing